With experience in digital and print, my passion is everything and anything design. I maintain the balance between functionality and aesthetic. I am mechanical and meticulous just as much as I am creative and innovative. I pride myself on being a versatile designer who conceptualizes, designs, creates, and executes new or improved ideas and products.


Professional Background:

Currently I am the Production Artist at Bai Brands – the innovators of Bai (formerly Bai5) and Bai Bubbles, the antioxidant infused beverages that shook the beverage industry. I am lucky to be a part of such a wonderful team of creative thinkers. We come from various backgrounds and disciplines, which really makes for a diverse group. My day to day includes designing and producing labels, for the US and international markets, packaging for multi-packs and variety packs, as well as store displays, billboards, and anything and everything tangible.

Before Bai, I was the lead designer at SEMGeeks,  a creative web agency. There my responsibilities included web design, UX/UI design, mobile app design, landing page design, web asset design, managing team members, streamlining new internal processes, aligning deadlines and tasks, quality control, usability testing, project management, sales, and client management and relations.

Since my background is a combination of both digital and print design, I’ve learned that no matter what the product is, whether it is a website, a phone app, a package, a label, a display – you cannot have a good design if you don’t have good functionality. Form truly does follow function. With that, I take pride in my job as a designer. Any designer can design something that looks great, I’m a designer that designs products that look great and work well.


“Designers are an essential bridge between the engineers and the users. Their role is to make the product clearer and as intuitive as possible.” 

— quote that I read somewhere



In 2013 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Monmouth University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in Business Marketing. While in school I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia for a semester. I studied hard and traveled, while making life long friends with many people sprinkled across this little earth. At Monmouth I gained my initial skill set that only grew with professional experience and time. I’ve always enjoyed school and learning, so although I am not a “student” anymore,  I make sure to learn something with every experience in my life. I’ll never stop learning.



I grew up on the Jersey shore with a very close-knit and loving family. I had a fun and memorable childhood. My family always supported my creativity and art, and most importantly, my dreams.

In October 2012, at the start of my senior year at Monmouth, our lives were turned upside down by superstorm Sandy. Living on the water my whole life I have never experienced anything like that. My family’s house and cars were destroyed, we were all separated and uprooted from our home. But my family and I came out of it stronger and closer than ever. With something so traumatic like that, you find out what really matters – your family. You find out that home doesn’t mean a house, it is wherever the ones you love are. 

In 2013, I met and fell in love with my best friend, Edward. I’m blessed to share my life with someone that understands, cares, and loves me for who I am. We work as a team and push each other to do better and go for our dreams. We just bought our first home together in Howell, NJ. 

On the weekends you could find me spending time with my family and friends and being home or outside with Eddie and our 2 year old pom-corgi, Kylo, (@kylo_pupp on instagram). I also enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, gardening, shopping, doing DIY projects, making jewelry, and most recently, designing labels for my up-and-coming Etsy store. It will feature custom labels (wine labels, candy labels, water labels, anything that can be customized) for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, etc. I also love anything skulls, mermaids, seashells, crystals, and plants, all of which you can find scattered across my house and desk at work.


Everything in my life to this point makes me who I am.  I am a strong and determined person who is not a stranger to hard work. I work well with a team and excel as a leader. I am always striving to learn more and better my skills. My main goal is to exceed benchmarks and expectations; I take pride in everything I do, big and small.  I excel at problem solving and trouble-shooting, and I can craft creative solutions for the job at hand.

Most importantly, I am dedicated to creating and improving products for the user, no matter the medium — print and digital.

– Alyse